Braking Distance // The Low Down

 Written by Dan
// November 4, 2020

Stopping Distances - The Basics

Think fast! What’s your car’s braking distance when it’s zooming along at 60 miles per hour? What about 30? Know the answer? Well you should: the average braking distance for cars, as recognised by the official UK Highway Code, is one of dozens of crucial nuggets of information found rattling around the head of every accomplished driver. Plus, with the dreaded driving theory test on the horizon, it’s double-important that you’re clued up on the matter! So, get those mirrors in place, adjust that seat and get yourself strapped in because we’re going for a drive through the ins and outs of stopping distances.

The guys at City Drive School did a pretty great look at this topic, and go into some up to date details abut what the most recent stopping distances are, and what conditions will affect your stopping distance.



Little bit of a description for demo purposes